New and fresh Facebook Tricks

Social media has brought people together, whether they belong to any country or race, religion or way of living, all types of people are to found on Facebook. Before Facebook was introduced, it was an uphill task to find the old friends who left us in school, college oruniversity but with the help of Facebook we are able to find our long forgotten friends. Where Facebook has reduced the distances it has also increased the distances. Firstly when we had to celebrate a friends' birthday we used to go to him but now we just write on him timeline and [...]

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know About Twitter Tips

With increasing use of internet technology, faster and unimaginable internet speeds, unparalleled internet access, cordless internet connectivity, the role role of social media is unmatched. That social media includes different social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter, instagram and so on. These social networks keep the world connected all the time. Among all those social networking sites, today I am going to express my views about Twitter. Twitter is one of the most used social networks all across the world. It has hundreds of million users in every nook and corner of the world. It is on the rise with the [...]

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What sort of genetic information should parents seek about their children and how might this influence raising that child?

Genes and genetics play a vital role in a child's growth. For instance the children of abusive parents are more inclined to using abusive language. The children of a violent family tend to be more violent. The children of a well behaved family often have the same trends in them. The children of a talkative mom and or dad are more likely to be like them. So it is obvious that a person's   Family background really affects a child's growth in all aspects like his habits, his learning habits, his future plans, his decision making, even his choice of [...]

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How is digital learning going to change schools and education?

There was a time when the schools used to be a building with blackboards and chalk there in each one of those rooms. There used to be a table in front of them with some drawers in order to keep the attendance and other record of students. There were the centuries old teaching methods applied for learning purposes. But now let bygones be bygones and concentrate on the current scenario. An era that has digitized the learning. An era in which every student is required to bring a tablet, smartphone or laptop. There was a time when the students would [...]

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Is the digital generation going to be smarter or dumber?

To be very honest, the technology has revolutionized the lifestyle of most of the people across the globe. Just take a simple example of Pakistan whose total population is approximately 200 million and about 50 % of them belong to lower class and live from hand to mouth. Despite that, Pakistan has 130 million mobile phone users with almost half of them using 3g and 4g technology. Now the question is whether it has made our generation dumber or smarter? Let us first observe it from our local perspective. Granted that so many people using that Technology for several years [...]

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How is Google search changing us?

There was a time when we used to wait for our teacher for hours to explain us the lecture that we missed. We had to beseech our friends to give us the notes of the topics or lectures that we are unable to attend or understand. We had to look for study material and books from various bookshops. If you were living in a small city, you had to go to a bigger city to get books that you needed. We had to spend hours searching for the study material and books. But when the Google was introduced it changed [...]

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Have texting Nd social media damaged this generation’s ability to communicate in person?

There used to be a time when people people used to arrange gatherings and meetings to discuss different social, political and religious issues. There used to be a culture when all the problems were discussed in person. But, with the development in fast internet connectivity, cheaper cellphones it is indeed true that we have become very unsocial. And someone has rightly said that man has become unsociable but using social media. Nowadays instead of arranging community meetings people text to each other, they also use Facebook, whatsapp and twitter groups to discuss their problems. It can also be disagreed that [...]

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